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Pura Vida Conspiracy – Gogol Bordello

Pura Vida Conspiracy is Gogol Bordello’s latest album 2013. The album is set to be released on 23rd July 2013on ATO/ Casa Gogol Records. Gogol Bordello’s newest album 2013 has been produced by Andrew Scheps and has been recorded in Sonic Ranch Studios, El Paso. The album consists of twelve new boisterous tracks cooked up by the gypsy punks of Gogol Bordello.

Pura Vida Conspiracy Gogol Bordello New Album 2013

About Gogol Bordello
As the band is preparing for its album to release it is also gearing up for what it does best- Perform concerts! Starting from May 30th at Nelson Music Festival, the band intends to do a North American Tour till the 8th of august in Squamish Valley Music Festival. Gogol Bordello is a Gypsy Punk band from Manhattan. It was formed in 1999 and is today known for their theatrical concert performances and their persistent touring. In The film Eugene Hutz has acted as the co-star and the band appears as a brass band welcoming the character of Elijah Wood on the train platform.

There is also a documentary made on the bands life and progress in 2008, called Gogol Bordello Non-Stop. The initial word of the band’s name ‘Gogol’ comes from the author Nikolai Gogol who inspired authors like Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Franz Kafka, and was directly responsible for ‘smuggling’ Ukrainian culture into Russia. The band has used his name since they also hold the ideologies to ‘smuggle’ Gypsy music in the English speaking world.

About the Music
Since their first single in 1999 and including Gogol Bordello’s latest album 2013, their discography consists of five studio albums. The band has been touring America and Europe tirelessly without any signs of fatigue in the past 14 years. They have also toured numerous international festivals and have been majorly influenced and inspired by Parliament-Funkadelic and Jimi Hendrix. In 2012 the band released a new song named ‘Let’s Get Crazy’ as a part of Coca Cola’s campaign for European Football Championships.

Gogol Bordello Single Track List

Eugene Hutz began working on songs for Pura Vida conspiracy on his return to hometown Kiev after spending several years in Brazil. The focus of Pura Vida Conspiracy Gogol Bordello’s newest album 2013 is to mix Latin American Music with Balkan music. Eugene Hutz has stated the Gogol Bordello’s new album 2013 release will be marked by the bands most ‘energetic performance’ in the album and will be focused on the idea f potential of human beings. The first single track to be released is ‘Malandrino’, referring to a rebellious character in Latin, offers a hint of an undeterminable genre and lively sensibility that is so often seen in the energetic vaults of Gogol Bordello’s music.


Gogol Bordello’s new album 2013 release will be the first since the year 2010 when they released the celebrated ‘Transcontinental Hustle’ which was produced by Rick Ruben and his American Recordings. According to the front man Eugene Hutz, his band’s music’s main motive is to explore the human potential which is masked by the metaphysical and elusive question of the special thing that exists within us all that which we are not using.

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